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BlockCAT Technologies to Release BlockCAT Beta by Next Week

BlockCAT Technologies to Release BlockCAT Beta by Next Week

BlockCAT is prepping up their website for BlockCAT Beta which will be released next week.

KELOWNA, Canada – BlockCAT is one of the innovators that wanted to improve transactions of people around the world. They did not just want to improve it. They also wanted to extend it.

They did everything possible to find a software that can lead to that kind of change. When they realized that they could not find it, then they decided to create it. There were lots of hurdles along the way.

That did not stop BlockCAT from leading the economic and business world to a revolutionized system. They created a system that will enable businessmen, more specifically businessmen who do not want to spend millions on programmers to code a smart contract for them, to create their own smart contracts.

The company had doubts too. However, it did not take long before they finally came through. They made way for an easy and quick way to create smart contracts, and that was through the BlockCAT Alpha.

With BlockCAT Alpha, there is no need for even the most basic programming skills. A wide array of samples are given for you to customize. Don’t worry if you need to create a smart contract made purely from scratch. They let you create an original smart contract using their drag and drop tool.

With BlockCAT, you will get to create your own token sale. A plethora of services already allow their clients to create token sales, but what sets them above the rest is its ability to free its clients from hacking risks. They not only feature cool interphases but also provide high security for clients.

The release of the BlockCAT Alpha was amazing. It turned the traditional system of transactions around, and a lot of people were happy with it. The team could not hold their happiness when they see the smiles on the faces of their clients.

However, the journey does not stop there. The company is not contented with happy. They want their clients to have all the satisfaction they can get. With that, they came up with the BlockCAT Beta, which was made to further improve the BlockCAT platform. It will be released next week.

Its features include the joint payment wherein multiple users can contribute to the payment of a specific product or service. The payment will be sent as soon as the required sum is paid. It also lets businessmen automate the process of their customer’s payments. Once a payment has been made, it is automatically transferred to your wallet account.

For the safety and security of the client, BlockCAT created the timelock vault, wherein a certain token or ether is kept from entering your wallet until a product has been delivered or a service has already been proven to be successful.

Since there are so many things that happen in between crypto transactions, the company had made sure that the issue is eradicated for customers when they use the service. They allow you to select wallet addresses where the free money should go to. This also allows customers to manually claim their tokens.

With that, the team asks all clients to remove any ether from the Alpha since it may cause undesired effects due to the launching of the BLockCAT Beta.

The BlockCAT Alpha is rising in popularity, and people are ecstatic to see how BlockCAT Beta is going to turn out.

The BlockCAT platform will not be released as one big whole. Rather, the team plans on releasing it section per section. In the mid-phase of 2018, people will be introduced to the Visual Contract Templates, whereas in the early and late stages of 2019, the team will make way for the introduction of Visual Contract Designer and Third-party Marketplace.

Because of the upcoming release of BlockCAT Beta, BlockCAT will get listed on two major Hong Kong exchanges.



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