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Retreat Will Help Women “Explore, Imagine and Design” Their Lives

Retreat Will Help Women “Explore, Imagine and Design” Their Lives

Paso Robles, CA, USA – February 07, 2018 – What would happen if you joined a group of amazing women and, for several glorious days, you experienced living together from a place of authenticity?

Most likely you would step into your next evolution as a woman and discover more about your own inner wisdom. You would have more insight on what is possible, what you really want, and gain new clarity on how to get it.

Three powerful, accomplished women will explore these questions and others over five days in March at the Dancing Deer Retreat Center near Paso Robles.

On March 25 to 30, Dr. Linda Crawford, Lori Sortino and Suzanne Hustedt will lead a multi-day event that is intended to be deeply transformational as well as relaxing and enjoyable.

“We’re envisioning a retreat that works on several levels,” says Dr. Crawford. “It will be a relaxing and pleasurable time to make new friends and reconnect with your spark for life. Really, though, the core purpose is both more simple and more profound. This will be an opportunity to gather with other amazing women and experience the magic and wonder that occurs when everyone is safe and supported to express themselves authentically.”

If that seems like a tall order, checking out the backgrounds of the accomplished trio of instructors tells its own story. Dr. Crawford has guided and coached women internationally. She holds a PhD. in Metaphysics, is a certified Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, and a certified meditation instructor. Sortino’s practices and offerings provide people with a deep sense of community and belonging through her experience as a circle facilitator and trainer. Hustedt is an RN who has worked as a childhood educator and department director and is also a skilled herbalist.

“Our intention for this retreat is a deeply meaningful experience that will give participants access to change their perspectives and the power to shape how their life unfolds,” says Sortino.

Hustedt is excited about the techniques and tools that will be in play during the retreat. “We’ll be using transformative exercises, guided meditations, free time for introspection, journaling, imaginative art projects, and more.”

Each participant will receive her own deck of Impression Cards, a set of 47 photomontage cards designed to stimulate unconscious wisdom. They will also receive The Impatient Person’s Guide to Enlightenment, a 108 page book that accompanies the Impression Cards, rich with wisdom, humor and profound insight. They will also get their personal PlayBook, a kit of materials that support personal exploration of the eight areas of the Heart Map, a profound system for enhancing your Heart’s Journey, with additional pages for journaling, and art projects.

The Heart’s Journey retreat runs from March 25 to 30th at Dancing Deer Retreat Center in Templeton, California, between Los Angeles and San Francisco, in the heart of Central Coast wine country. Registration includes full accommodation and must be made prior to March 1. Attendance is limited.

For more information, visit the Heart’s Journey web site http://www.heartsjourney.com or call Lori Sortino at 805-709-6000.

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