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Exantra Team launches Kickstarter campaign for the first ever RPG app

Exantra Team launches Kickstarter campaign for the first ever RPG app

App utilizes wearable technology and gamification that connects users and their RPG character to improve exercise output

Chicago, IL – Getting fit is a necessity for healthy living and growth, but it is hard to inspire people to do it. Exantra Team is proud to announce the launch of their Kickstarter Campaign, Exantra World: Fitness RPG (Role Playing Game). The product is the first ever RPG app that utilizes wearable technology and gamification to reward users based on their gym efforts. The blending of user’s physical growth into the Titan growth generates a synergy and double reward factor that cannot be found elsewhere. Users also get to improve their exercise results by merging physical and gaming objectives using the player’s iOS device and Apple Health Kit.

To back this project, please visit the Kickstarter page at http://kck.st/2EqndHN.

“We have been waiting for something to accompany our gym efforts for a long time. When it comes to exercise, many people hope they have a medium to take them into a reality where there are no limits to growth, success, earnings and team spirit. Exantra World answers provide answer to all of these questions. As gamers, we need a Titan. It is the future, and our exercises depend on it,” said Eddy Yang, CEO of Exantra Team.

How Exantra World Works

The Exantra World system works by connecting with the player’s iOS device and Apple Health Kit to talk to their wearable (FitBit, Apple Watch) and by converting the workout into virtual earnings and character growth. After the player has built confident both in their Titan and in themselves, they may take on other Titans in simulated combat versus mode. Through this, the user’s decisions inside and outside of the gym put fame and purpose within reach. All of this takes place in an in-depth alternate timeline of over 100 years in the future, where humanity struggles to survive.

Beta Access Activities 

During beta access, users can take part in four activities onboard the GCSS Titan including:

Grind Room – Train to be stronger with a wider skill set. Users exercise in real life to accelerate the growth of their Titan’s traits like Charisma, Perception, Strength, Health, Speed and more.

Training Versus – An optional and fun activity where players battle against other players in a simulated brawl of stats and power after completion of their Grind Session.

My Team – Players keep track of their team and the hatch progression of their eggs.

My Items – Players view their item stash and learn from the artifacts left behind by their predecessor Titans.

For more information, please contact Eddy via phone 1 630 400 0654, email [email protected], or social media www.facebook.com/exantraworld.  

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